Dolphins Swim Club | About Us
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“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Liane Cardes

What we do

Dolphins Swim Club Kampala is not just a swimming club, but a unique league of keen, driven and hardworking children and adults who ultimately gain more than just skill. The Club inspires and infuses a general discipline that helps young swimmers overcome everyday obstacles and come out on top.


Whether in class or at home, our swimmers are able to take what they learn from our programmes and apply it in everyday life. We fundamentally aim to:

  • Promote good mental, intellectual and physical health
  • Grow talent and acumen
  • Turn fans of the sport into champions
  • Promote fitness in a safe environment
  • Provide a strong foundation and prepare swimmers to face life
  • Develop great love for the sport
  • Mentor and support go-getters
  • Teach discipline, self-control, endurance and hard work
  • Encourage networking and teamwork
  • Give regional and international exposure

How we run


The Club is a registered, non-profit-making company that is governed by an executive Board of Directors comprised of parents who are elected for three-year terms.

It is run by four professional, USF-certified swimming coaches, with the support of two full-time administrators who facilitate the day-to-day management of the Club.

The Coaches

It is widely believed that the excellence of the coach is what truly defines the quality of the sport. Our highly professional coaching staff comes with a combined coaching experience of over 20 years and the highest peer ranking in the country.

Owing to their membership in the Uganda Swimming Coaches Association (USCA), our coaches have access to the most comprehensive training and certification programs in Uganda. The extensive experience of our coaches coupled with their rigorous training and international exposure is exactly what has propelled the Club to great national, regional and international excellence. Our swimmers have gone on to claim medals, honours and trophies in other parts of the world, and to participate in the Olympics.